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Surat Al-Waqi'aH


   In the event of the Day of Judgement

    no one can lie about what happened.
(The incident) to lower (one class) and raise (other groups)
When the earth is shaken sedahsyat-fierce,
and the mountains destroyed luluhkan seluluh-luluhnya
then so be it scattered dust,
and ye into three groups.
That is the right group. What a noble class of the right.
And leftists. How miserable that leftists.
And those who believe the first,
Those that are drawn to God.
Pleasure to be in Jannah.
A majority of the foregoing,
and a small group of people who then
They were on the couch that reigned gold and gems
while leaning on it face to face.
They were surrounded by young children who stay young,
to carry glasses, kettle and drinks taken from flowing water
therefore they are not dizzy nor drunk
and the fruits of what they choose,
and meat from the birds what they want
And there-eyed maidens
well as hidden pearls.
In return for what they have done.
They do not hear therein vain words nor the words that cause sin
but they heard the greeting.
And the right group, it would be the right class of its parts.
Were among lote spineless,
and tree-stacking double decker banana (fruit)
and the shade of the sprawling,
and water gushing
and many fruits,
that does not stop (fruit) and not forbidden to take it.
and thick mattresses are soft again.
Verily, We have created them (maidens) of special
And made them virgins
age peer lovingly again.
(We created them) to the right group,
(Ie) a majority of the people who earlier.
and also a majority of the people then.
And leftists, who left the group?
In the (punishment) is very hot wind and boiling hot water
and in the shade of black smoke.
Not cool and not fun.
Indeed they were before the live bermewahan
And they are constantly working on major sin.
And they always say: "When we die and become dust and bones, shall we then be raised again really?,
whether the fathers of our former (also)?
Say: "Verily those preceding and those of later times,
banar actually be collected at specific time of day known.
Then ye hai people astray deniers,
really will take a tree Zaqqum,
and will meet with him stomach.
After that you will be drinking very hot water.
Then you drink like camels very thirsty drink
That dish to them on the day of Judgement ".
We have created you, then why do not you justify?
Have you thought about the germ that you send out.
Is it you who create it or are We the Creator?
We have determined the death of you and once in a while we will not be defeated,
to replace you with people who are like you (in the world) and you create later (in the Hereafter) in a state that you do not know.
And the fact you have to know the first creation, then why do you not take a lesson (for the creation of a second)?
Have you thought about what you sow.
Is it you who grow or are We the Creator grow?
If We willed, We actually made him crushed and dried, then so be ye wonder and amazement.
(Saying): "Surely we are really suffering losses"
we even be the ones who do not get any results
Have you thought about the water that you drink.
Is it you who lowered it down or are We the Creator?
If We willed, We shall make him salty, then why do you not give thanks?
Have you thought about who you turn on the fire (with wood rub).
Is it you who makes the wood make it or are We the Creator?
We made it to the fire warning and materials useful for a traveler in the desert.
So glorify the (call) the name of your Lord is Most Great.
So I swear by the falling past the parts of Al-Quran.
Indeed it is the oath sworn great if you know.
Indeed, Al-Quran reading this is a very noble,
maintained on the books (Lawh Mahfuz),
do not touch it except the purified ones.
Derived from Rabbil 'alamiin.
So whether you just underestimate the Koran?
you change the sustenance (which God gave) to deny God.
So why when it lives up in the esophagus,
whereas you when it is seen,
And We are nearer to him than you. But you do not see,
then why if you are not controlled (by Allah)?
You do not restore the life (the position) if ye are truthful?
As for if he (the dead), including those brought near (unto Allah),
then he got the peace and sustenance and enjoyment Jannah.
And as if he belonged to the right,
then keselamatanlah for you because you're from the right class.
And as if he belonged to the heretic who denied again,
then he got a dish of boiling water,
and burned in the inferno.
Real (as mentioned) is a true belief.
So glorify the (call) the name of your Lord Almighty.

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